Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The end of summer already?

New canvases for p:ear!
Ok, summer won't officially end until September but most Portlanders woke up this morning, opened their shades and thought it was October. September starts soon, school starts soon and p:ear will re-open on September 7th. Without the kids, p:ear has been very quiet for the past couple weeks. But p:ear seeds has been picking up momentum heading into fall, and as we prepare to head back to school the generosity of p:ear donors means things like new canvases, paints, books and other supplies will be waiting our youth when the doors open next week. If you'd like to contribute and help us reach our goal of $40,000, please click here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Help p:ear grow through p:ear seeds

A few months ago at p:ear, we planted a mobile garden to help supply our cooking program with fresh herbs and vegetables. And despite the lack of summer weather in Portland, the basil, lettuce, kale, tomatoes and other plants have shown healthy growth. While we're looking forward to enjoying the "fruits" of our labor, the small garden is also a testament to the importance of nourishment and strong roots to weather the cooler days.

Built around those same ideas of nourishment, growth and strong roots, we've just launched our new annual summer campaign, p:ear seeds. We hope to raise $40,000 which will help support our fall programs. As the weather changes and the rain returns, the number of kids coming through our doors will increase. The information you'll receive about p:ear seeds also includes a "state of the p:ear" with more information about the youth we've served in the past year.

We know our donors have already contributed so much this year, and we are so very grateful for your generosity, especially in shaky financial times. But amazingly, the past few years have shown that despite everything people are still investing in their communities perhaps with even tighter bonds. As donors investing in your community's youth, you are p:ear's root both providing the foundation for growth along with anchoring us during difficult times. A firm and supportive base allows p:ear to push through the soil, up towards the sun and blossom. You are our roots, we are the stems, leaves and flowers, and p:ear youth are the harvesters.

If you have any questions, email stephanie@pearmentor.org

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NedWater is making a better world

p:ear recently received a donation from NedWater, a local Portland company who donates 5 to 20% of their gross to non-profits. The company delivers by bike, has a "zero waste" policy, and is focused on helping out organizations like p:ear. Check out their website and blog for more information on their philosophy and water program! Thanks again to Car Del Mar and Liene Verzemieks for promoting p:ear for their NedWater donation!