Our unique approach creates a climate of hope and optimism built on stable, positive relationships between adults and youth. Volunteers are the keystone at p:ear. Volunteers provide the much needed support to the program and the positive relationships that homeless youth lack. p:ear offers a variety of volunteer opportunities:

Level I
Includes activities as diverse as picking up meals to serving on a committee (marketing and development, food co-ordination, events planning, etc.), to "work parties" designed to support First Thursday events or improve the facility.

Level II
Works a specific project for a specified time, i.e., artistic workshops, hosting and tour guides for a First Thursday exhibition, supporting staff during an off-site cultural or recreation event.

Level III
Works directly with youth on a weekly basis providing mentorship, tutoring, meal handling, participating in daily activities.

Volunteers are asked to submit a formal application, and attend the appropriate training for the level of volunteering they are applying for. Trainings are from one to 15 hours and costs range from nothing to $26 for fingerprinting and a food handlers card. Because working with this population is challenging, we have a minimum age requirement of 25.
It's our hope that if you decide to volunteer at p:ear that your experience will be as rich and rewarding for you as it will be for the program and the youth we serve.

If you are interested in becoming a p:ear volunteer, please download this p:ear Volunteer Application.

To Volunteer:
Joy Cartier -- 503-228-6677 or joy@pearmentor.org