p:ear barista school featured in video In Reverse: Cup to Seed  by Rubyna Brendan

Meaghan Ward, Portland Pulp September 18, 2011

"The Art of Creating Stability: Homeless children Find Confidence, Trust and Expression through Arts Programs" 
Carol Ward,  Uncensored Summer 2011

"Local Artist Volunteers Talent to p:ear" 
Molly Hottle, The Oregonian, May 2011

"Solid Grounds: A barista school gets teens off the street and behind the counter"
Martin Patail, Portland Monthly, February 2010

"In coffee-swilling Oregon, barista training helps at-risk young people find jobs, hope" 

Larry Bingham, The Oregonian, November 2009

"Hearts, minds and bodies nutured at p:ear" 
Faye Powell, The Portland Upside , September 2009

 "Good Work Bears Fruit"
Janet. Filips, Ultimate, September / October 2007

"Project Makes Nonprofit’s House into a Home"
Alison Ryan, The Daily Journal of Commerce, July 30, 2007, Vol. 226, No. 65

"p:ear Meets Need of Homeless Youth"
Christopher Zinn, Oregon Council for the Humanities Newsletter, Winter 2005 

"p:ear Meets Need of Homeless Youth"
Inara Verzemnieks, The Oregonian, April 25, 2004

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