the team


Beth Burns
Executive Director

Beth Burns grew up in Chicago, surrounded by the realities of the unbalanced distribution of wealth in society. With a passion for people and a drive to understand these economic realities, Beth traveled the world, from the streets of Chicago to the rural villages of Guatemala. She earned her degree in English Literature and her teaching license. Later, working at Sisters Of The Road Café in Portland, Beth began learning about relationship-based services and the amazing gifts that allow homeless people to keep surviving.

Pippa Arend

Program Director

is from Portland, OR and has a B.A. in Art History and Design from Marlboro College in Vermont. She founded a small metal shop, Tornado Creations, in which she designed, fabricated and installed custom metal furniture.  In 2002, she co-founded p:ear and currently serves as Program Director, maintaining mentoring relationships with young people and organizing many of p:ear's fundraising events.

Joy Cartier
Assistant Director

Joy Cartier had seven years experience with the Greenhouse Alternative Learning Center. Prior to her employment there, Joy had many years’ experience as a community organizer and volunteer here in Portland and in San Francisco. She organized a group of people who produced a monthly hot meal for 80-100 homeless youth for several years.  Outside of homeless youth services, Joy founded an award-winning program (Produce for People) that produced fresh produce for people through the community garden system. Joy also volunteered at the San Mateo AIDS program, where she gained experience as a spokesperson through donor tours and TV commercials. In Portland, Joy has volunteered with Fish emergency services and The Salvation Army.  In addition to volunteering, Joy honed her business skills by founding and running two small businesses, which she sold at a profit.

Her greatest loves are her partner, a sense of meaning,  any garden and shoes, all quotes about hell being a pair of stylish shoes withstanding.  She is patiently waiting for the return of big hair.

Rodolfo Serna

Transition Coordinator and Mural Program Director

For Rodolfo, his career has been much more than a job. My career is also his passion, his dreams, and his opportunity to influence peoples’ lives. Rodolfo has been working with the at-risk and homeless community for the past ten years. In that time, he has realized that community is an extension of his own family.

Stephanie Chase
Community Relations and Development

Over the course of her life, p:ear's development assistant Stephanie Chase has been a book store clerk, a food demonstrator, a fit model, a volunteer rodeo clown, an English teacher, and the winner of trivia bingo at some bar in Eugene, Oregon. At various times she's spoken Arabic, played the viola, burned toast and pretended to understand modern art.

Having lived in Portland since finishing up her Master's Degree at Portland State, Stephanie regularly rides and races her bike (though not with great speed), enjoys picking berries (especially during bike rides) and cooking and eating (especially after bike rides).