Monday, September 20, 2010

p:ear barista school raises $5000 with Brunch Responsibly!

Pippa's pretty happy to see everyone at Brunch Responsibly!


Nearly 80 guests turned out to experience Sunday brunch in support of the p:ear barista school. Broder's Peter Bro poured his famous Bloody Mary's with aquavit (a strong Scandinavian liquor that will put some hair on your chest!) while Caffe Vita's Chad Freilino and p:ear barista school graduate Jutebox mixed coffee drinks for guests while they waited for Jason French's first course to come out.


Tahoe Jackson gave a rousing vocal performance and guests help raise nearly $5,000 to use as the p:ear barista school's fall operations.


We are so grateful to Chad Freilino and Caffe Vita for all their support and hard work. And a big thanks to Jason French, Tahoe Jackson, Peter Bro, Whole Foods, Medowsweet, Small Vineyards and Colleen Sorenson for their time and generosity in making this event happen.


The coffee cart is now open for business, Monday through Friday from 7 am until noon, and is located in the Trim/Vojdani gallery next to p:ear on NW Flanders. Stop by for a cup!

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