Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Join Us For First Thursday at p:ear!

Alter the Panels with Recovery Panes Healing Arts Project featuring Kelly Williams and p:ear youth artists along with the spinning beats of DJ Xcaliber!

First Thursday, November 4th, 6 - 9pm 
at the Trim-Vodjani Gallery at p:ear 
338 NW 6th Ave Portland OR 97209 

Recovery Panes Healing Arts Project, founded by Kelly Williams, has exposed the impact of addiction through the process of encaustics. The RACC granted project has allowed Williams to use art as a cathartic rhythm to explore personal experiences, hope, & triumph. As lives are created by moments and interactions, the panels represent the change of stories when rearranged differently. Come alter the panels and add your own touch to the stories with live music featuring p:ear youth and DJ Xcaliber, this 1st Thursday, November 4th.

Kelly Williams is a local Portland artist, who has transformed encaustic paintings into a flowing rhythm of life. Every line and gesture has been transcribed by emotion packed experiences and fleeting filled notions. Williams also holds encaustic workshops dedicated to exploring one's own inner chaos through the layers wax.

p:ear youth are 15-24 year old homeless or transitional young people that attend the educational, artistic and recreational programs at p:ear. They work independently and with guest artists, working with available materials, to create work that is expressive, vibrant and healing.

For more information, please call: 503-228-6677

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