Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is p:ear core?

Some days it's like a fruit basket here with all the p:ear-themed activities! One of the most important but under-recognized is p:ear core, our monthly giving program. If you're interested in simple and sustaining support for p:ear over the year, please consider signing up for p:ear core

Why sign up for p:ear core?

1. A little goes a long way. A gift of $ 15 a month means $180 a year, enough money to buy 15 sketchbooks. Contribute $25 a month ($300 for a year), which can purchase 6 fine oil pant sets. $50 a month/$600 a year would help p:ear purchase new cameras for our photography class!

2. It's easy. Sign-up on p:ear's website and simply click "I would like my donation to recur." Each month the amount of your choosing will be sent to p:ear. Easy, right?

3. YOU are p:ear's core. Making a long-term commitment to p:ear means p:ear can make long-term commitments to our programs and kids.

And... we're working on making p:ear core bigger and better this year. Keep your eyes peeled for special events, cool stuff and more for p:ear core members.

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