Tuesday, March 1, 2011

p:ear's food program needs your help

p:ear's innovative food program is one of the cornerstone's of our philosophy about working with homeless and transitional youth. Through healthy cooking, p:ear's meals help youth learn how to take care of their bodies with balance and nutritious meals. The kitchen at p:ear is a place of conversation where young people can have the time to learn about food and nutrition in contrast to being in survival mode out on the streets. We rely on many volunteer cooks and local restaurants, farms and food producers to help provide daily hot meals for p:ear's youth. And to keep p:ear's food program running, p:ear needs your help! If you are interested in cooking or have a restaurant connection, please contact joy@pearmentor.org.
If you're interested in cooking at p:ear, volunteer training is this Saturday, March 5th! Email joy@pearmentor.org to sign-up.

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