Friday, April 8, 2011

Sign up for p:ear core, win cupcakes

Your contributions can help buy supplies for youth!
Small gifts go a long ways at p:ear, and joining p:ear core just got sweeter for the month of April. Join p:ear core this month and you'll be entered to win a cupcake tower from Cupcake Jones, who have been a huge p:ear supporter (they send down a weekly cupcake delivery for p:ear students - yum!)

$15 a month can help put hot meals on the table at p:ear $25 a month can help purchase a couple jars of crackle paint (check out p:ear student L's painting "Dusty Moon" above done with crackle paint. It's hanging in the gallery this month).

Join p:ear core here.
These are also (delicious) works of art

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