Monday, September 26, 2011

p:ear needs a new freezer

Keep p:ear's food program going with a $35 donation today
A call for help from Joy, p:ear's programs director:

You may be aware that our freezer failed at p:ear costing us the loss of a whole pig, a summer's worth of vegetables and our meal plans for the entire winter.

A number of people have stepped up to help us replenish our stocks but we don't have a reliable way to store food. WE NEED A NEW FREEZER and a new freezer costs $2,000.

To that end, during the p:ear seeds drive, The Collins Foundation is willing to match every new donation 3 to 1! With the Collins Match if only 20 people donated $35. we could buy a freezer at the end of the month. This is the time to maximize your donation allowing us to get a freezer asap! Go the the p:ear website at, select "donate" and in the notes section type "freezer". Ask your friends to support p:ear at this very essential and critical level. Do it now.

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