Friday, July 23, 2010

A pat on the back: housing program goes above and beyond projections

p:ear recently closed the books on 2009, and soon we'll be sending out a "state of the p:ear" card showing the breakdown for the past year. The "state of the p:ear" is a snapshot of everything we've done in the past year: how many kids came through our doors, how many meals were served, how many kids participated in our programs, etc.

But we're really pleased about our housing program. Thanks to a grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust, we were able to help 50+ kids into housing last year. That's double what we had projected placing in houses (which was 20 kids). AND the project came in under budget. Maybe the government could use our help... but I think we'll keep our day jobs.

Look for the "state of the p:ear" in the mail soon!

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