Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thank you p:ear seeds donors!

Thank you to everyone who donated to p:ear seeds! Your support will help p:ear's programs over the next few months. Both the staff and p:ear youth are very grateful for your gifts.
Roland Atkinson
K. Bergin
Kathleen Brock
Deborah Buchanan
Heather Coleman
Mary Constans
EcoTech LLC
Gwil Evans
Catherine Faricy
Caroline Fitchett
David Gilchrist
Diana Harris
William Hathaway
Paul Hovda
Jamie June
Carol Kadel
Janice Kalberer
Penny Kavan
Brian Kincaid
Ted Labbe
Lene Larsen
Scrantz Lersch
Kelly McKean
Neil Moore
Madeline Nelson
Au Nguyen
Nissen Design/Graphics
Emily Othus Allred
Elise Pellegrino
Betsy Rickles
Right Way Trader Inc.
Carol and John Rogers
Brad and Melodie Ross
Joan Salisbury
Michael Schmitt
Libby Shapiro
Joan Shipley
Dave Smith
Sara Treadway
Don Urquhart
Jennifer Vansuetendael
Greg and Pamela Vislocky
Kristin Wheary
Jeff Williams
Pamela Williams

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