Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holcombe Waller's Sponsor Song from p:earblossoms 2011: ALCHEMY

p:ear blossoms 2011 – ALCHEMY Sponsor Song by Holcombe Waller sung to the tune of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" (play video below for tune)
p:earblossoms takes you down to Left Bank, near the river
You can savor Alma Chocolates, sip Champagne by Argyle Winery And you know Pippa's half crazy but that's why you wanna be here As we feed you plates prepared by Le Cordon Blue and Eleni's Estiatorio Courtesy of Whole Foods Market Java Jacket, and King Harvest, oh They get you on p:ear’s wavelength, yeah These in-kind sponsors answer that you've always been p:ear's lovers
[CHORUS] Widmer beer and New Deal Vodka Drink 'em down 'til you are blind And you know you'll give Pear money Cuz we've touched you've perfect bodies with our in-kinds
Now Tim Parsons was a sailor when he infused your rhubarb cocktails TScott Media spent long time watching interviews with p:ear's young mentee's Cuz when p:ear knew for certain how these homeless kids would need them p:ear said all ye shall be sponsors ‘til our services can free them So KZME ran the web ads, SmartTech AV brought the tech gear On Pointe credit gave cash money Alchemy Jewelers made a gold pendant from ruby stone [CHORUS] And you’ll want to bid up the auctions Oh, you'll want to donate blind sipping Wines from Dalla Terra, as Random Order touches your perfect palettes with their pies
Soon Poison Waters will take your hand, she will lead you to the after-party Bunches and Bunches made fresh cookies Caffe Vita brings espressos Holy Kakow spiked martinis as you'll mingle with performers Who'll have shown you where to look among the garbage and the flowers TO BE heros in the seaweed TO THE children in the morning They are leaning out for love Lest they lean that way forever Help p:ear mentoring hold the mirror [CHORUS] See you already want to give more money Now you want to donate blind thanks To all this evening's sponsors Who will touch your perfect bodies Yes you know you'll donate thousands For we've touched your perfect bodies with our in-kinds

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