Monday, June 20, 2011

p:ear stories

From a former p:ear youth, inspired by the photography program and creative environment at p:ear to set up her own photography business and website.

To the dedicated members of p:ear,

I would like to thank you, more than I can possibly explain, for the kindness and welcoming you offered me for many years as a homeless youth in Portland, Oregon. I was once a regular at the center, and those days spent creating art with your ample resources did more for my emotional growth than any amount of money could have. Warm food, warm people, and a warm place to create was often all that kept me going through some of those cold lonely days. I just passed my 21st birthday and thought I might express my gratitude at this point. It's been four years now since I last walked through your doors or stood in your gallery, but those moments still bring me warm fuzzies. Had I never found your help, I may have never discovered my passion for photography. Had I never found your help, I may have never discovered my self worth.

I would not be the person I am today without you.

Please accept my thanks, and kindly glance over the "about me" section of my website to find mention of your support:

Kind regards,


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