Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alter Egos Society | 5th Annual Hero/Villain Ceasefire

From our friends over at Alter Egos. Proceeds from Ceasefire go to p:ear so get out your masks, caps, lasers and tights!

Once a year…

…the heroes and villains of Portland, Oregon set aside their weaponized superpowers and their moral differences for a single night of drinking, dancing, and superpowered high-fives. That night, known to some as the Alter Egos Society’s Hero/Villain Ceasefire, is soon to return for a fifth year… On November 12, heroes, villains, sidekicks, minions, and ambivalent masterminds alike will descend upon Ella St. Social Club united under a single cause: charity!

Our annual Ceasefire event is half party, half charity fundraiser for our favorite non-profit group, p:ear. The Alter Egos Society long ago decided that if we are to party, we shall party for a cause, and p:ear’s work with at-risk and homeless youth is heroic indeed! A portion of the evening’s proceeds will be donated to p:ear, including sales of raffle entries, DVDs of our original short film, Archives of the Fantastic, and proceeds from all tiers of online ticket sales!

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